Frequently Asked Questions


AIMS Medical has an extensive range of products that have been sourced specifically to meet the needs of our General Practitioners, Aged Care, Hospitals and Day Surgeries customers.


What does AIMS mean? AIMS is an abbreviation of Australian International Medical Supplies, Australian company that was registered in 2009 by a scientist working in the Medical and Pharmaceutical fields for 25 Plus Years. After decades of experience including Community Pharmacy Practice and Network Connections it was decided to make an AFFORDABLE Hospital Type Quality Products and Complete Health Education Program AVAILABLE to Health Carers and everybody else.  


Why Choose AIMS? AIMS is ONE of only TWO Australian companies that is governed by an experienced team of health professionals who understand the needs of the General Public and at the same time they are bound ethically and regulatory to the Australian health system’s guidelines. AIMS always been and will continue to demonstrate experience and knowledge of the business comes from years of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Sales, Marketing and Working in this Industry. Accessing AIMS system and services provides you with wide open gate to Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmacist Consultant for medicines as well as medical conditions required information.

Looking for Specific Product?  We have a dedicated team of Personal Account Managers and Customer Service Specialists who are experienced in finding product solutions for our customers. Our team is an extension of your business - dedicated to providing you with service and product solutions designed to meet your needs.

Online Service We have an ordering website available to our customers, which has been designed to make it simple and convenient to place your orders. Once logged in, you will be able to access customer documents such as Order History, Spending Reports, Products Reports,Order Templates (Wish List), and Transactions. 

Product Range Available Online You can browse a range of product categories when placing your Online Order or you can order from an Order Template (Wish List).Order Templates make it very easy to order products that you have ordered in the past. If you don't have an Order Template, simply contact AIMS Customer Service (1300 731 530) and we will create one for you that will suit the ordering needs of your business.

Getting Started Online simply click 'Customer Login' near the top left of this page. If you're currently NOT signed up to Online Ordering, All you need to do is create an account by logging in as a new user. Once you have done you can browse and purchase 24/7 for next Business day dispatch. 


Customers on Credit Accounts (e.g. Aged Care,General Practitioners and Day Surgeries) are, usually, on specific price lists. Please make sure you call Customer service after signing up to allocate your account to the correct price list.

Buying Online Just click on the product you want and submit the quantity you want and add to cart. Many products will give you options of sizes which you need to tick and add to cart. A drop down menu will appear if products fit these parameters.

For Bulk Orders is recommended to contact Customer service for a Quotation Request.

For Customers Outside Australia please contact us by sending your details on or call on +613 9330 0553 for product information or quote request 


Taxes Some medical and Pharmaceuticals products attract Goods and ServicesTaxes (GST). All our prices displayed Excluding GST. Once you checkout the GST portion for taxed products will be presented on the Invoice.

Methods of Payment We use Visa, MasterCard, Pay Pal,Direct Bank Deposit and Cheque|Money order Payments. Pay Pal is quick and easy and if you have a current Visa or MasterCard this can be used even if you don't have a Pay Pal Account. Usually same day Dispatch for Pay Pal Confirmations.

Cheques|Money Order and Direct Deposit will need to be cleared and received before goods can be dispatched.


Payment Security All payments are secured and encrypted if paying through PayPal or Westpac Banking Corporation. We do not have access to your Card details or any PayPal Log on information.

Methods of Delivery - Online Orders We use a combination of AIMS Delivery System,Australia Post, Courier or Carrier for Bulk Items. Should your order tally over 20Kgs we request you email us for a direct quote or place another order as Australia Post calculates up to 22kgs. Any Postage excess is also refunded once we receive the actual cost on Dispatch.


Services and Deliveries - Credit Accounts For all of our recurring credit customers deliveries from AIMS are done by our own internal team of delivery drivers. With a fleet of vehicles servicing all areas of Victoria we strive to provide our customers with the most prompt and efficient delivery service. All of our delivery drivers are fully insured and have a complete police check for your safety and peace of mind. In instances where other methods of delivery are used such as Australia Post, we will keep you updated on all shipping and delivery details. 


Warranty and Return Policies AIMS Medical is a registered Australian Company domiciled in the state of Victoria and comes under the Regulations of the Trade Practices Act and is also subject to TGA Legislation regarding most Medical & Pharmaceutical Products.

Statutory Warranty applies as per the ACT as well as AIMS Goods Return Policy as follows:
If any item is found to have a Manufacturing Defect, then you should call AIMS Customer Service to receive authorization to return any faulty product. We will report the fault to the Manufacture as well as the TGA if applicable. We will replace any faulty product if we confirm the fault and will offer a full refund or exchange.

Quality of Products All products sold by AIMS Medical have been selected from reputable long established suppliers and we select only Hospital Quality Products traditionally because of their standing reputation in Hospitals. We know that when we advertise a product we know how good it performs.

Buying Single Use Instruments Many customers buy Surgical Single Use Instruments and you should be aware that although the quality is good, these are not made from the same Stainless Steel that is used for Reusable Instruments. In Hospitals they are used for a single patient because of the risk of cross contamination and infection measures. They are inexpensive and good value for money. They should not be compared to the European Reusable Instruments that cost hundreds of dollars.          For personal use they can be used several times over but will eventually wear out if autoclaved repeatedly. Please refer to the clinical section regarding"Single Use Instruments".

Privacy We have a strict policy on the privacy of our customers. We send all parcels discretely and never give your details to any third party. The password you choose is not known by us as it is automatically generated by secure encryption.

What is TGA? TGA is an abbreviation for Therapeutic Good Administration. All our Medical and Pharmaceutical products are registered with the TGA by AIMS or our suppliers and no product is allowed to be sold without the TGA ARTG Number. You will see these numbers on the listings and you can feel confident that they have been registered in accordance with the ACT.

Contacting Us We always look forward to receiving your feedback. AIMS’ representatives always happy to convene with you to optimize our services and to meet your demands. 

Hours of Business 08:30-18:00 Monday-Friday Eastern Standard Time

Delivery Times 08:30-16:00 Monday-Friday

Pick Up Times 09:30-16:00 Monday-Friday