About Us

AIMS Medical Group consists of four divisions – Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Rehabilitation and Scientific. This versatile scope allows for AIMS to be a supplier of vaccines, medicines and medical consumables and devices for humans, livestock and companion animals to the National and International Markets.

AIMS scientific division consists of a corporate conjunction between AIMS Medical Australia and AIMS USA (Animal Identification and Marking Systems). The project incorporating the two organisations works to develop and supply an enhanced scientific division which includes a tattoo system that produces permanent identification tattoos for lab animal research. This venture is part of the International triumph that AIMS has established throughout business partnerships including distribution agreements to deliver Australian and TGA approved medical and pharmaceutical products to overseas markets.

AIMS  offers a broad, comprehensive range of products and services including hospital at home rehabilitation equipment in addition to nutritional products indicated for Dysphagia to be dispatched in smaller (retail) quantities to residents at home.

AIMS’ management puts forward a continuous discourse with suppliers to optimise a synergistic model for strategic and favourable outcomes. 

AIMS’ sales and marketing team is working to ensure that the personalised support and services are in place, and regularly delivered to our customers and end users.

AIMS’ management and its marketing team are fully aware of the fact that remote health sectors have been disadvantaged by traditional medical and pharmaceutical suppliers. Therefore, AIMS is keen to address this deficiency and to provide solutions with the support of its business partners.

We, the team of AIMS are here to assure everything is running effectively and efficiently for our customers and suppliers.

It is these engagements I believe that have resulted in our success in today’s competitive marketplace.

We here at AIMS strive for perfection, our business philosophy is based on several fundamental principles which we follow devotedly.

One of our most esteemed principles is creating long term value for our clients to make sure that all partnerships with AIMS can be sustained on a long term bases.

Furthermore, we are having new daily prospects. Here at AIMS we work collectively to build a strong future as we have the will to do so.

In addition, applying the uppermost standards to everything we do daily, whilst doing it with devotion and honesty.

We are excited about the future and what it holds for our company and business partners and most importantly for our customers. It is in this spirit that we share our results. The progress so far has been remarkable, and we are proud to say that we have achieved progress in the way we hoped to. But there is always room for improvement and we believe with the integrity and the dedication our members here at AIMS carry, we as a team will continue to build the momentum with your support.